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Another Marketing Tool Directory?

iD Marketing Tools exists to catalog, compare, and combine the digital marketing tools that are worth owning. When I first got into digital marketing there weren't really any clear guides about what tools were the best, or even a clear explaination of what they did. I've spent hundreds of hours researching tools over the last few years in an effort to figure out which ones actually delivered at a reasonable price point. So why another list of SEO tools, or list of content marketing tools, or PR Tools? Well the existing collections of tools either throw everything into one set so they can have the largest collection or suffer from being too limited in their viewpoint. Additionally many businesses focus on tools that are out of reach of your average business owner. Even your average marketing agency tends to fall into a myopic view of championing one set of tools and formalizing a specific core of marketing proceses around that. While that's good for efficiency it doesn't always mean that marketers within agncies have the tools they need. On the flip side individual marketers may not even know that the backlink builidng, or keyword research tool they've always wanted was available, but just around the corner.

Since we're all so busy info on the best tools can spread slowly. Hopefully the cream rises to the top, so the product reviews will be opinionated and there will be no junk on this site. That said affiliate links are present, though no tool has been included because of that. (many have been rejected)

This site is for all the hardworking marketers, business owners, and CMOs. We're all busy and trying to get the best information possible. Hopefully the tool comparisons and educational components help all of us keep up to date.


iD Marketing Tools exists to filter out all the noise in the digital marketing world. Over our years of marketing obsession we’ve used almost every tool on the market and keenly read any content that comes out on tool comparisons. As a result we’ve aggregated the best tools on the market basically all those that we know to be reliably used by professionals and attempted to categorize them by all their uses.

At the end of the day our end goal is to make sure people can find the tools they need to get the job done, make more money, budget easily, and hopefully save a ton of time on planning.

That said we’ve focused on a few key areas where determining the best tool is the most challenging. Especially when it comes to SEO tools, Content Marketing tools, Digital PR tools, Analytics and Reporting tools we’ve been highly opinionated. These are probably the most challenging aspects of the digital marketing world and cutting through the noise here is probably harder than anywhere else. We’ve included key tools for CRO, PPC, and development for the benefit of business owners and marketers, but they tend to be weaker (and we look forward to improving them.)

Suggestions, tips, ideas for Improvement?

If you have anything to add, a feature you would like to have, a tool or article to submit, or anything else you'd like to contribute or chat about, please don't hesitate to contact me, I'll be responsive on LinkedIn or twitter, @s_adibi.

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