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One of the biggest challenges you can face as a content writer or a marketer is the idea generation. What should I write about? What can interest my audience? How can I make my posts perform better? The tools on this page will help! 

Why Content Ideation Tools Matter?

Content ideation is the process of seeking the most interesting and relevant topics that will be valuable and helpful for your target audience. It takes a lot of time and strength, hard work and patience, and it is important that you know where to start. Everyone, even the best writers, can benefit from additional resources in the content generation process and that's where the content ideation tools come in. They help you capture, organize and prioritize ideas, the kind that resonates with your audience.

Finding the right people and creating the right content isn't everything. In order to reach your goals you need to find the right tools that can help you achieve that. It can be quite challenging to determine which tool might be right for you and your business. The first question you need to ask yourself is what it that you are looking for is and if you are willing to pay for it or not. Each tool comes with its strengths and weaknesses but there are more and more of them available now, and you have quite a few good options to choose from. At the end of the day, it's not just about amazing content but also about who sees it. Some tools are more expensive than the others but your goal should always be to create the best content within your budget.

What are some of the best content ideation tools available then according to ID Marketing Tools?

1. BuzzSumo ranks high. It has proven to be one of the best and cost — effective platforms to help you ensure that your content is reaching the right audience and getting the traffic it deserves. BuzzSumo helps you discover the latest trends and the hottest content, reach out to influencers or research your competitors, helping you plan your own content and analyze its performance. By discovering the most shared content across all social media networks, you can take the lead and add something new and special that will make you stand out from the competitors. The downside of this platform is that you have to invest as the program isn't

2. Hubspot is a free content marketing tool. It helps you translate some keywords and topics into headline ideas, and it's perfect for small business owners who want to deliver content marketing to the right audience. It's great for those moments when you feel you are completely out of ideas and it's easy to use.

3. HitTail provides you with specific and long - tail keywords that are relevant to your audience and generated by analyzing your already existing website traffic. It's pretty easy to use, works in the background and gives you plenty of new ideas while you are busy doing other things. Why long — tail keywords are important in your marketing campaign? They provide you with better search rankings and more qualified search traffic. Managing those keywords is about establishing better lines of communication between your business and your customers who are already out there.

4. Keyword Tool is another tool for generating keywords and long — tail keywords across the most important media channels. The program generates up to 750+ long keyword suggestions per each search term. It has proven to be very reliable and it's free. If you are trying to get more and more people to visit your page, buy your products or services and read your content, you need to find out what your potential readers or customers are looking for on the Internet, because every search is the expression of people's needs, desires or interests. Keyword Tool does the job as it helps you discover lots of new long — tail keywords
related to any topic.

When do you know you need the content ideation tools? Probably when your marketing isn't working well. Sometimes the strategy works, sometimes it doesn't. When you start realizing that you don't get as much content reach as you did before or when you don't get any traffic at all, perhaps you need to ask yourself a question whether you have any idea who you are talking to or if the people you are talking to are actually the right audience. Perhaps your audience is bored because you keep posting the same thing all over again and they just don't feel like they want to come back? That's when you need the content ideation tools. So that you can analyze your audience and see what are the latest trends that actually really interest them.

In order to start with content ideation tools you need to develop a content strategy and consider who you are creating it for, how you can make it unique, the channels you will publish it on and how you can schedule and manage your posts. Knowing what your goal is can help you find the right tool. Apart from the content ideation tools there are also influencer identification tools that help you map people who are relevant to your success. Influencers are people you want to become friends with. They have the power to affect the decisions other people make, usually a large audience, and those people can be your potential audience or customers. One of the great tools for finding influencers, according to iD Marketing Tools, that care about your content is Analytical that helps you track what your influencers are saying so that you can understand how to engage with them and what they care about.

How is iD Marketing Tools collecting all this information so that we know which platforms are best to use? They exist to filter out and choose the best tools available in the digital marketing world. They store, compare and combine what is worth having for people and businesses like you. By spending lots of hours doing a research and checking out which of the platforms deliver best results, they try to make it easier and simpler for everyone to be able to choose what works best.

Remember, there may be plenty of reasons why marketing isn't working for you but there are surely more on why it should! Thanks to pages like iD Marketing Tools you can easily navigate and compare the best tools available online to improve your ideas and your content. Have a look at their list of content creation tools, such as Ahrefs or Evernote that can also make it easier for you to create great content for your readers!

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