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Are you a marketer or company interested in explaining how tools can be used to generate the most success for a business? Are you an inddustry influencer, marketing, agency, entrepenuer, or just a tinkerer that has something interseting to share, then please feel free to reach out! We're always looking for people with good ideas that aren't to greedy to share.

We love to feature high quality articles that break down specific strategies and tactics that marketers and business owners can use to power growth in their business. Contact us directly to speak about guest posting ideas or what you'd like to cover.

Contact [email protected] to submit topic ideas.

Editorial Guidlines for Guest Posts:

  • We only accept original content and posts. Sorry, but we're not interested in spammy, canned, or otherwise keyword spun articles. It's not going to help your business grow, or our readers learn.
  • We're looking for content that's 1,000 words minimum, and ideally hovers around 1,500+. That said there are exceptions, but we find to really get into any topic with any degree of worth you'll get to around 1,000 words.
  • We're into anything that revolves around SEO, specific tools and there uses (for example if you have a new tool you're trying to promo use cases for, we may be the site), marketing generally, growth hacking, PPC, web design, development, UX, UI, or anythin small business related / entrepenuerial.
  • We're all into dofollow links and flexible to work with generally, but please no junk or garbage "hidden" links.
  • Shoot us an email with a pitch and we can go from there. We may make final edits or massage a piece for readibility, but our goal is to be easy to work with/offer value to our readers.

If that all sounds appealing to you, please contact [email protected] to submit topic ideas.

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