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​How to Create a Powerful Logo for Your Startup Business

The sad fact is that more than half of new business startups fail within the first few years of their launch. One of the major reasons for these gr more.

How to Increase the Conversion Rates of Your Email Campaigns in 5 Steps

It's easy to be obsessed with other email marketing metrics such as open rate and clicks. There's no doubt these can help bring sales. But of all m more.

7 Steps To Combat Mobile Shopping Cart Abandonment

You might direct traffic and followers to your store; however, would you say you are seeing guests through to the very end? Abandonment of mobile more.

Effective Email Campaigns: 10 Tools for Driving Sales

With all those marketing features provided by Facebook and other social media platforms, who needs email marketing nowadays? An email marketing cam more.

​Must Have Training For Marketing Students That Universities Are Not Teaching

Marketing has evolved over the years. Initially, it encompassed four main ideals, that is, products, prices, placements, and promotions. Presently, more.

AI Behavioral Marketing Is Coming, Are Your Ready?

“Brands have yet to fully understand all the ways in which AI will change the marketing game. The practical applications we already see more.

How To Audit Your SEO Agency or Consultant in 7 Bulletproof Steps

Search engine optimization  is one of the rare business areas where there are thousands of self proclaimed experts, but no central govern more.

SEO Sucks and is Bullshit, if You Act Like it's 2007.

I hear it all the time. SEO is bullshit, SEO is a scam etc. Generally I don't care because my clients continue to laugh all the way to the ban more.

A Visual Guide to Google’s Evolution

Google hasn’t always been the behemoth it is today. When Google was first launched in more.

Ninja Outreach Review & Tutorial - What PR Needs to Know

Ninja Outreach grabbed my attention soon after it launched in 2015. Back then the SEO industry generally was stil more.

The Complete Guide to Spying On the Competition

If you’ve ever wondered what the best of the best are doing to outmaneuver your marketing efforts, this process is for you. While I’ve helped more.

​How to combat mobile Shopping Cart Abandonment?

You might direct traffic and followers to your store; however, would you say you are seeing guests through to the very end? Abandonment of mobile s more.

Tutorial: Adding Multiple Email Accounts to one Gmail Account - Visual Guide

This is a visual guide for adding extra email accounts inside of your Gmail account. The process is pretty simple, but can feel daunting the first more.

How to Tighten Up Your ROI for SEO and PPC

There are four types of companies that run SEO and/or PPC campaigns:

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