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Site Audit Tools Make Technical SEO Easier

The right site audit tool can make all the difference! Anyone who runs a site know how tedious each little problem can be, especially on top of actually running a business, just finding the issues can be a hassle. Luckily there are a huge selection of great site audit tools you can use to keep on top of any SEO problems that might be developing on your site.

Why SEO Site Audit Tools Matter?

Site audit tools are for any site that’s too big for one person to easily keep track of. If you’ve been running a business for multiple years or recently gone through a site move, it’s all too easy to let basic site upkeep and maintenance run away from me. Luckily the tools listed above have a central focus on pointing out all the issues Google may have an issue with or that site users may hate in one place. Site audit tools have crawlers that jump through a site “crawling” every page for issues and sifting through the HTML and server response codes for any problems there may be. I remember way way back in the day, people used to literally go to each page, click on every link, and on and on to get this same information. Now you can just get an actionable list of problems to solve on your site.

How to Select The Best SEO Site Audit Tool for You:

You can broadly split site audit tools into two broad categories. The first category of tools includes automated solutions, that essential exist in the cloud on (or occasionally) on your desktop and crawl the site remotely at a set interval. The other set let you jump through and crawl the site yourself. As far as cloud based solutions go there are many built specifically for site audits and also some great all-in-one tools that add on features to the traditional tasks they’re known for.

What are the best SEO Site Audit Tools Available?

All of the tools listed on this page are legitimate and excellent options if you’re trying to work on your site. As far as only a site audit tool goes that requires little input, I’d recommend using DeepCrawl. This tool basically handles everything for you, and can automatically let you know about issues on your site. If you’re more technical or a pro (like myself) then Screaming Frog is the way to go. Simply because it lets you export a great deal of information directly from the system. The down side though is that it does not point issues out, outright. You need to download the information and come to your own conclusions. There are also “all-in-one” SEO tools like SEMrush, AHREFS, MOZ, WebCEO, WooRank, & Advanced Web Rankings that audit for your site for you, in addition to providing a wealth of other information. While the info can be useful I wouldn’t rely on any of these tools (except maybe AHREFS) since their expertise lays in other places.

When do you know if you need SEO Site Audit?

If you have a large site that you haven’t had an SEO take a look at in a while, or have recently moved sites it can typically be an excellent idea to use a site audit tool. Some of these tools can also be useful for diagnosing performance issues, but typically performance issues are more complicated then what many of these can indicate. The biggest sign that you need an SEO audit tool is that your site was generating a great deal of organic traffic and is no longer doing so. Any large or sustained fall off can typically indicate an issue with site structure.

Where to get started with SEO Site Audit?

SEO Audits are typically pretty straightforward and there are many articles on the topic out there. Generally if you’re a novice working with an automated tool like DeepCrawl or MOZ is the best approach.

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