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This stack tool allows you to get create a list of all the tools you might need to get started doing SEO on your site.

Search Engine Optimization is the use of techniques that assist in increasing the rankings of a website either organically or by use of paid search. In understanding what SEO is, it increases the visibility of the website to customers searching for the advertised products and services through online search engines. Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a term that describes

all the marketing methods for search. Defining SEO as part of SEM where paid search is used to list a website on search engines where the people can view when they type specific tags or words.

Anybody who owns a website should be aware about the virtues of SEO. For people who are attempting to promote their website, SEO is a very efficient way to ensuring that any potential clients visit your website.

So, what is SEO? SEO definition: It's the way of improving your internet site so that it appeals to search engines. It helps increase your ranking on search engine results pages that could help to bring in traffic, and could even see rewards in terms of search engine preference and key positions for your web pages.

If you use SEO techniques, it improves the likelihood that someone will visit your site via a search engine. It also gets your website indexed on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Using SEO is important so as to have a good place on search engine rankings list, and without that you may struggle to draw in the right visitors.

Key Tasks for Performing Better in Search Engines 

Keyword Research

Search engines work by the person entering a particular word (keyword or key phrase) when they press the search button with their mouse. They use a complex algorithm in order to know how relevant websites are for the key phrase entered.

Keyword research helps you understand what words customers are using to find the products they want. Then you can focus on those targeted keywords to optimize your website for the keywords you have selected. The keyword should be applicable for what your potential visitors will put into search engines to find your website. You'll need to select the ideal keywords before you can start SEO.

There are several different tools that are available out there which can really make a difference as far as our keyword selection is concerned. Some of the best online tools to use include: Long Tail Pro, AHREFS, Google Keyword Planner and more

Competitor Analysis and Rank Tracking

You can also use these keyword tools to do competitor analysis. These tools enable you to search those keywords in search engines to see how much competition they have You only need to focus on less competitive keywords to increase your chances of getting ranked top in search engines.

Another thing that is very beneficial is to have a search engine ranking tool that will actually check the keywords that you are targeting to see where your pages are listed. You are then able to tell at a glance if you are improving as far as your search engine optimization is concerned or if you tend to be falling away. You will then know if you need to adjust your efforts in one way or another.

Site Audit

By having an SEO optimization report created, you can learn precisely which of your keywords are profitable, and which have not worked. Site audit helps you to avoid continuing with the same errors, and offers you a way out of your issues, by providing you with the answers to the question of how fine your keywords are doing.

Once you have the audit and the report completed, then you can work out your next steps in moving towards improving your website rankings. Being sure that the keywords are ranking properly and that search engines can crawl (and want to) your site is key to your sites success.

Backlink Building and Monitoring

A backlink is a link that points from one web site to another Backlinking ensures many websites are interconnected, resulting in traffic to one website directly benefiting another. Various backlink building strategies include: blog commenting, directory links, guest posting, infographics, and web 2.0 and much more

The link building process should look and sound "natural" as much as possible. If the robots "smells" that you're buying or
using spammed links, you'll have to say bye to the organic traffic.

Use of complex backlinks analysis helps the search engines to understand the manner in which your website pages relate to one another. lt is, however, worth to note that, use of backlinks is not always everything when it comes to SEO. The higher the visibility and important a website is, the more the likelihood of having more backlinks to the site Trust and popularity of a website
can be earned through the help of other link partners available.

Having a backlink checker to monitor your back links is a great plus to keep them under control. You must be very careful when you are doing the promotion, as too many links in a too short period can badly hurt.

Panda Penalty

Google introduced the panda update which enables it to trace duplicate searches with poor quality content. It disparages and penalize sites that provide poor quality web pages and fail the search algorithm test, thus these sites lose a lot of traffic, and their position are dropped.

If your website doesn't meet certain guidelines, it's more than likely your rankings might drop as a result of the Panda update. To stay away from Panda penalty, make sure your articles are top quality, unique and authorized. Keep proper density of your keyword but don't overdo else it would look like spam.

Penguin Penalty and Recovery

The primary goal in SEO is to deter overuse of anchor text while putting emphasis on the relevance of content to link-building. Penguin updates are done constantly, so optimization of links will be just enough with regards to anchor text issues. And Google has made it clear that Panda and Penguin have been designed to enhance quality of websites.

To avoid being penalized by Google Penging, do away with paid text links which make use of anchor tag keywords that match exactly with these links. At the same time, refrain from utilizing programmed link-building devices.

Equally, keep away from unsafe websites that are pinpointed as sources of malware, link farms and stay away from unnatural links. Try to direct your attention on social media links and relevant directory links.

To recover from Google penalty, you'll have to analyze your sites backlinks, to discover the spammed or bad links that affected your site. Try to remove the low quality links and disavow the links you can't delete.

Google Webmaster tools will allow you to download all your sites backlinks for you to analyze them. You can also discover the bad links by looking at their metrics and comparing them against the standard SEO metrics.

Knowing the low quality links and removing is key to move past these issues, and recover from the penalty.

Focus on Local Marketing

As most customers are mobile users on a local level, make sure your SEO strategies target to increase your local traffic.

Search engine optimization is a very complicated form of driving traffic to your site, but it's also very rewarding once you do it right because your target market comes to your site rather than your site coming to them.

Depending on the type of website you manage and audience you wish to capture, search engine optimization can give you all the benefits.

What are penguin penalties

Penguin penalties are engine searches that increase the rankings of your website while violating the Webmaster's Guidelines for Google. When you artificially alter the ranking of your website page by changing the number of links to the page, then that is considered to be a linking scheme. Critical to successful SEO strategy is locating the unwarranted links to the sites and disavowing them.

Practicing Local Marketing

Most of goods and services users’ own cellphones and using the locally available local platforms to market your product and services will ensure that your venture gets as much traffic from the local customers as possible. This type of marketing will focus on the community around your business. Sending regular promotion Messages directly to the local market population instead of the massive market ensures that products or services are well known by the neighborhood market. Local marketing can take various forms including a direct contact with the consumers through the use of emails, events within the town, sponsoring local teams and advertising through the local newspaper or magazines. This strategy maintains customer loyalty and continuous


SEO has a crawler that collects information about all the things it is able to find on the internet. The crawler then brings all that
information to the search engine and builds an index. The index is then put through algorithm that tries to relate all the information with the customers’ question. The search engines might be yahoo or google and they give replies to whatever question is posed on them with a long list of links to websites that can answer the requested question.

SEO is an internet marketing strategy that considers how the engine works and all the computer programed algorithms that dictates all the search engine behavior, all the information that a customer searches, all the actual and accurate names and terms or keywords that are input to the search bar and which search engines are most liked and used by customers who seek
quality information which is of help them.

These search engines that optimize involves adding content to the sites, editing the information, input of HTML and coding which put ahead its use and relevance to the keywords and to get rid of all the hindrances associated with the search engines.

The SEO helps a customer to increase the traffic by providing backlinks and related links when a customer inputs the keywords.

On the other hand, SEO is not the best strategy for a website. there are other marketing strategies that might be effective such as
the paid advertising through pay per click method. This solely depends on the site expectations and goals. There are also search engine marketing which helps in designing, optimization and the running of all search engines. The search marketing engine is different from the SEO such that is differentiates between paid and the unpaid ads in search engines.

Having a good internet marketing campaign depends on having quality web pages that will engage, persuade and analyzing all programs to make sure the site owners to view and measure the results and thus improving the sites access rate.

While conducting international marketing, there is need to have a successful search for all the international markets and requires a professional translation of the websites and also a registered domain name which is related to the target market and also a host web that will cater for all local ip addresses. The important elements of all search engines are all the same and disregard the language used

There is need to build a strong site that will provide clear navigation and will help a customer access the information that is required. This also helps to give visitors a very enjoyable experience of using a site and encourage them to revisit the site later in search of more information. Google as a search engine is carefully paying attention to its customer experience. The much traffic generated is very important as it indicates the importance of the SEO.

SEO looks for the following;

1.quality. this regards the quality of the content in the site. Every customer needs the correct and quality information that gives
accurate and reliable information. This therefore puts the SEO in a position to have high traffic if they obtain the quality information.

2. Site speed. Site speed regards to how fast the webpages respond and load and this differentiates the different search engines

3. relevance. all search engines will dwell on providing the most efficient and relevant information to the customer regardless of the any way these search engines provide information is all determine by the site algorithm, other factors that may be considered in providing relevance is the time of the day and the location of the searcher.

4. the searcher experience. There are very many SEO benefits for providing very good user experience. An easily accessible site and a searchable with all the relevant links and the related contents will give a customer a very good experience. These elements will keep the customers in want to access your site

5.Device compatibly. if the site is compatible with all mobile gadgets, then the customer will easily access the content thus giving a good experience and the need to use the search engine.

6.internal linking. This is where a site is linked other sub links that will provide such information if the current site cannot. Internal
linking has many advantages

Internal linking will provide your customers with references and further reading options. This happens if a customer inputs a correct keyword into the search engine and this will help in reduction of bounces.

Internal linking will also help to increase and improve in your ranking for the certain keywords

Internal linking also helps google crawl and index a person's site The google crawls will be sent out to search for information that
is relevant to the product being marketed and also provide new information that will help new searchers and existing searchers to give better ideas of how important and useful a site will be This will create trust amongst your searchers and thus the more google crawls, the more your site will have traffic.


Just putting your website onto to the World Wide Web is not going to necessarily make it a success. Hiring a professional company to do an audit on your website and provide a SEO optimization report will provide you all the data that you need to confirm that your website is always on page one of the ranking's report.

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