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In a rapidly changing world, close to 90% of consumers read and trust online reviews and recommendations before making a purchase. You better believe friends and influencers have more power to influence purchases than any ad ever will.

 A twitter report indicates that 49% of consumers seek purchase guidance from social media influencers, while about 40% of Twitter users made a purchase following an influencer's tweet.

What this basically means, if your business is running low on influencer marketing campaigns a fair share of 90% of your clients are probably purchasing from the next business.

However, that shouldn't bother you at the very least because I will help you understand what is influencer marketing and influencer
marketing tools that will help you redeem your business or brand.

What is Influencer Marketing?

One of the key areas of success with content is making sure the right people communities and customers are seeing it. "More leads, more purchases translate to more gains"

But how do you achieve that?

Influencer marketing is promoting or selling your brand (products and services) through people who have an impact on the character of your brand (the influencer).

It is more like getting an influencer in your industry or niche to talk about your brand and recommend it to their followers.

As simple as it sounds, it will surprise you that 51% of businesses find Influencer marketing more productive and close to 84% of
businesses have an influencer campaign plan for the next twelve month period.

Starting on an influencer marketing plan may prove quite hectic.

Where and how do you find a reliable influencer? How do you reach out to them? How do I know if they are right guy for the job?

This brings Influencer Marketing tools into the picture.
What are influencer marketing tools?

Tools basically help in performing a job. An influencer marketing tool is designed to assist you in the process of coming up with an
influencer marketing plan.

Why do Influencer marketing tools matter?

The principal function of these marketing tools is to help you find the right influencer for your niche and connect with them.

That is the most critical step in this case. Isn't it?

These tools will help you build a reliable, affordable social media influencer campaign. This is much safer especially if you are
getting started.

Most of the tools have since come up with additional features like metric analysis that help the users come up with a more educated decision.

A great tool means equally better results

How to select the best Influence Marketer tools?

Since the popularity of this marketing strategy is on the rise, by that I mean Google searches on this subject have grown by 20. In the past two to five years. More and more developers are trying to come up with the most suitable tool.

Which is the best tool? Which factors should you look out for?

  • Documented Experience
  • An ideal tool is one with a reputable name, one that has been in the market offering satisfactory services to clients for a couple of

    It may not necessarily be the best but at least it offers a certain level of guarantee that can be confirmed by clients it has already

  • Advanced Technology
  • It goes without say, the efficiency and accuracy of these tools is manly centered on their technological capability.

    A modest example: Some tools are capable of sorting influencers and identifying them as; blog, individuals, organizations and companies.

    Opting for a tool with advanced technology gives you adequate information that will guide your decision making process.

  • Network of influencers
  • You should identify a tool with a diverse and large network of influencers. We say "variety is the spice of life", a top notch tool should offer you variety when it comes to choice of influencers.

    Influencers range from famous celebrities to micro-influencers. Is your choice of tool offering you a large enough pool of choice?

  • Tools that Scale some tools offer various plans that are classified under budgets, needs and platforms.
  • Such tools are will help you monitor your expenditure as you grow since you can opt on the tier that is most suitable for your business.

  • Customer Support
  • Settle on a tool that offers you the necessary support you require be it in terms of tutorials, webinars and training.

    An actual support staff should also make up the list. You are most probably paying for the service you deserve the guidance and

    Which are the best Influence Marketing tools?

    Here is a compiled list of some of the best tools you can look out for:

  • Followerwok: This is one of best social media marketing platforms. It is a great leveraging platform for Twitter. It offers; influencer marketing, reputation management, social analytics, competitor analysis and social management among other services.
  • Rival IQ: It provides; digital marketing analytics for SEO, six social channels and web content. Rival IQ helps you build a significant profile and following on social media to make the best out of it.
  • Sprout Social: This is a premier social media management platform with tools for; analytics, publishing, team collaboration among others.
  • It is ideal for large teams and organizations with multiple social media accounts, it offers reliable calendar overview plans and a
    reliable CRM integration.

    When do you know if you need Influencer Marketing tools?

    As mentioned, Influencer marketing tools are designed more duties to make your work easier. A tool will make the job easier for you in handling the following duties;

    Discovering an influencer

    You can use your tool to search for a suitable influencer for your influencer marketing project. The tool will search various platforms and present you with suitable choices.

    Tools are designed to;

    1. Search by platform: Example Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Blogs and Facebook.

    2. Search by audience demographic information

    3. Search by influencer demographic information

    4. Search by follower count

    If you need to find an influencer who satisfies the scope of your specifications, a tool will make it easier for you.

  • Payment Facilitation
  • If the payment process and procedure is unfavorable to you or the influencer, a marketing tool will prove helpful.

    Most tools support escrow influencer payments, they also take care of tax compliance and integrations. All you have to do is keep your influencer motivated.

  • Analytics, Tracking and Reporting
  • One of the many additional features of these tools is presenting a platform for marketers to monitor and measure the content created.

    They offer you a chance to monitor; how the content is performing at a specific time or duration, provide specific metrics and the
    media value.

    This enables you to easily calculate the return on investment and determine what next.

  • Coming Up with a contract
  • To settle on a suitable contract you may require the assistance of an influencer tool.

    An influencer tool makes it possible to communicate with influencers, negotiate over payment plans, settle on compensation and come up with a formidable contract.

  • Promotion and Amplification
  • If you wish to reach more audiences (amplify) the content from the influencer, tools offer provisions such as; pay per click amplification to achieve that.

  • Influencer marketing Regulatory Compliance Tools are designed to offer various disclosure compliance options.
  • Where to get started with Influencer Market tools

    If you are planning on getting started with influencer Market tools that may mean a favorable milestone in the marketing development of your business. How do you get started?

    1. Set Smart, timely and realizable goals

    You want to get started with an influencer tool but what do you are your expectations? What do you want to achieve out of it? What is your target audience?

    When you know what you want, use those objectives as a guide to identifying a suitable tool that will suit the needs of your business.

    2. Identify your intended budget

    With 200 plus influencer tools in the market a suitable budget will secure you a spot in one of the tools or one of the tiers.

    Comparing tools as per their charges and services they offer is important to create the best value for your money.

    3. Additional services required

    What additional services do you need out of your desired tool?

    Is it data analysis and reports? Is it payment facilitation? Is it influencer publishing? Is it amplification?

    Be specific on what you want from a tool when getting started. Why and how do Influencer marketing tools collect information?

    Influencer tools collect information on influencers and how their content is performing. This is important in; Ensuring business persons discover a suitable influencer who will; extend the reach of the brand, reinforce brand loyalty, boost the credibility of the brand and consequently multiply the return on investment.

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