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Choosing the Best Influencer Identification Tools

When it comes to social media marketing, there are a lot of strategies that you can apply to succeed. Making use of influencers is one of the most successful parts of social media marketing strategies.

According to statistics, influencers have more impact on the number of subscribers you can get as compared to the traditional celebrities. In addition, influencer marketing has the highest ROI than any other digital marketing strategy.

Why should you Use Influencer Identification Tools

For you to reap the benefits associated with influencer marketing, you must first identify the influencers in your niche. Influencers
usually have a positive influence on your target market and you can leverage that influence to grow the traffic to your website, blog or social platform. In fact, they are viewed as the bread and butter of marketing strategies that help brands build valuable relationships on social media. But before you take advantage of the influence, you must first identify who those influencers are.

You can manually go through the social platforms trying to pick out social influencers. However, this will cost you some considerable amount of time. Else, you can decide to take the easy way out and utilize the influencer identification tools. The latter method will help you to automatically research on the influencers available and give you all the insight you need to leverage their influence power.

How to Select the Best Influencer Identification Tools for You

When choosing a social media influencer for your brand, you must first define your goals and how the influencer will help you in achieving those goals. Most people trust the voice of a third party that they will trust your advertisement message. This gives an influencer the power to convince potential customers to convert into buyers. But for this to happen, you must use an influencer who falls under your specific niche. Whether you choose a product reviewer, a blogger or an industry expert, he must be acquainted with your industry.

There is various influencer identification and you must ensure you choose one that will help you realize your objectives. When choosing the best influencer, you should put the following factors into consideration;

  • Your audience- as a marketer, you already have an idea who you want your target market to be. When looking for an influencer, you must choose a person who blogs, tweets, and posts on the type of topics your target audience is interested in.
  • Context- there are some influencers out there who are more influential than any other. However, before you choose him to market your brand, ask yourself if the kind of marketing he does is in context with what you are offering. Take for instance Selena Gomez who is one of the most influential people on social media and especially Instagram. If you use her to market a new software, will she help generate sales? Most likely not because the young followers she has are definitely not interested in a software.
  • Coverage- once you determine the right influencer, it is time to estimate the number of potential customers he will reach with his posts. You need to check the number of people the influencer command on social media and choose the one who is likely to reach millions.
  • Engagement level- the influencer should not only post about your product or service, but he should also be able to make the audience take action after seeing the post. The right influencer is the one who enables the audience to opt-in naturally. When the audience follows an influencer out of their own free will, the chances of engagement with his content are high than when they are allIforced" to follow.
  • What are the Best Influencer Identification Tools?

    Like in any other industry, there is competition when it comes to influencer identification tools. This competition, however, is healthy as it gives you an option to choose the best tool that meets your needs. To make the influencer search easy for you, here are four tools that you should consider using.

  • Tweetdeck- TweetDeck is very effective in helping you search the most influential people on Twitter. Better still, the tool allows you to check out whether those influencers are listened to they simply have a huge dormant following. Tweetdeck uses #hashtag or keyword to list at least 25 retweets and hence weed out the noise provided by the search.
  • Kred- this tools determine how influential a person is on twitter by evaluating his mentions, follows, retweets, and retweets. Using the kred leaderboard helps you get access to the most influential outreachers on your niche.
  • Klear- this is a free influencer search tool that allows you to search influencers who are already interacting with your brand on various social platforms. The tool has a feature that allows you to sort the influencers in various categories including novices, celebrities or casual power users.
  • FolloweWonk- this tool allows you to search for influencers on Twitter by looking into their bios. You can further use keywords to sort the influencers and get the ones with highest following and strongest command in your niche.
  • When to Use Influencer Identification Tools

    As previously mentioned, people tend to trust influencers more than your adverts. Influencers play a great role in influencing a buyer's decision. If you are not sure whether you require influencer's services or not, you can use the tools in case of the following;

  • You want to reach a target audience of a certain core demographic- each influencer has a command over a certain demographic. Once you determine where you niche fall and your target audience, you can use the influencer identification tools to filter the most appropriate influencer for your case.
  • Want to build a long-term relationship with your followers- influencers are very effective in building relationships with their followers. If you want to have that same loyalty with your followers, then you should make use of the tools to pick out the best influencers to help you achieve this.
  • You want to increase SO0 value for your brand- influencer provide a very effective way to add SEO value to your brand. They achieve this by increasing your brand mentions and backlinks.
  • Where to Get Started with Influencer Identification Tools

    Once you make up your mind that you need to use the services of a social media marketing influencer, you need to determine the kind of influencer you require. Depending on your brand, you should work with an activist other than a personal brand influencer. For instance, if you are in organic foods and your aim is to promote healthy eating, an activist, in this case, will be more suited than a personal brand promoter. When choosing the influencer, you should be guided by the goals you expect to achieve.

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