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Don’t let the competition get the jump on you!

Whether you’re a champion or new challenger it’s important to stay on top of the marketing tactics employed by the competition The tools listed here can all offer various insights and information into what the competition is up to. 

Why Competitor Analysis Tools Matter?

Depending on your market the ads, SEO strategy, content strategy, or PR strategy of your competition could have a huge impact on your ability to remain competitive. All of these tools can give you massive insights into the work of your competition. Generally having intel on what the competition is doing right (and wrong) let’s you know where you could best focus your efforts, or where your weaknesses as a business lie. All of the tools listed above can provide a faster path to success for your site or business.

How to Select The Best Competitor Analysis Tool for you:

The best competitor analysis tools depends heavily on the market you operate in and how you make your money. You can check out our complete guide for spying on the competition to get some insights on the best methods. I’ll outline some popular tools by use cases:

If you make most of you money off of PPC and Ads than SpyFu, Moat, and SEMrush are essential tools. The big value here, especially if your new to a market is that you can understand what has historically worked in terms of ads copy as well as what the competitions spend looks like. Although no tool gives perfect projections on costs, having an understanding of Ad Copy for your industry can be a game changes.

If you’re operating in the SEO world, or looking for more SEO traffic there are also a variety of tools you can use to advance that goal. At a basic level the best competitor analysis tools are going to be focused on the specific rankings of a site, thus tools like SEMrush, SearchMetrics, Advanced Web Rankings, & SERPwoo can all be essential. While getting insights into rankings is awesome, these tools merely tell you where they get most of their traffic and make most of their money from.

If your interested in the backlink profile (the biggest single ranking factor) and thus the actual PR mentions of a site then tools like AHREFS , MOZ, & Majestic are essential.

If you’re just trying to figure out why a competition ranks and what their site structure is, tools like Screaming Frog & URL Profiler are perfect. These tools will give you huge insight into the structure of a site, which then lets you know what you need to do.

If you’re interested in understanding the social media strategy RivalIQ, Klear, Cognitive SEO, Followerwonk can be extremely useful for understanding their capabilities (besides just stalking them on social media

What are the best best Competitor Analysis tools available?

Competitor analysis depends heavily on your specific goals. Broadly speaking SpyFu is the go to choice if you’re looking for info on PPC strategy. SEMrush is my personal favorite for any SEO information I may need, while AHREFS fills in any backlink data I need. And if I just want to take stock of a competitors content marketing efforts and general site structure Screaming Frog is my go to.

When do you know if you need Competitor Analysis ?

Generally I’d say that anyone who feels like their number 2 or 3 in a market could benefit from a competitor analysis tools. Often the best players in a market are doers and not overly strategic. While there are many people who are strategic but never take action (the dreamers out there) few people are able to combine both hard work and dreaming. Competitor analysis tools give you the benefit of working smarder by knowing what the competition has done wrong and right. While you still need to work hard and smart, there is a massive advantage to building where competition is weak and emulating what they’ve done wrong.

Where to get started with Competitor Analysis?

I’d say the best thing to do is just understand what the competition is up to. Our complete guide for spying on the competition will help you understand where to start. But talking to customers and watching how they speak is often the best insight to what competition is doing right. Intel is nice, but it always comes down to what customers are thinking about and willing to buy.

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