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Ninja Outreach grabbed my attention soon after it launched in 2015. Back then the SEO industry generally was still reeling from the crackdown in link building. Man tools were still desktop driven, and there wasn’t really a lot out there. We were hungry for a better solution at my agency, and looking into every option we could. There just weren’t many great options on the market for legitimate link builders at a reasonable price. We were mostly stuck with spreadsheets, or over priced PR tools.

Ninja Outreach has been the most agile of a new set of tools and game changer for anyone involved with link building and PR. Right off the bat Ninja Outreach is excellent for the fact that it’s so lightweight. If you need an outreach tool for tracking outgoing emails, monitoring open rates, prospecting for interested parties, and a streamlined process anyone can pick up and go to start building their business Ninja Outreach is the goto tool. I like to call Ninja Outreach the PR centric email CRM you can use (at a fair price) without having to do any extra paperwork. (no TPS reports!)

This review will be pretty thorough and as such will end up being quite lengthy. For ease of reading I’ve included a handy little index below. If you don’t feel like reading, check out our quick overview below, as well as our full breakdown of what makes Ninja Outreach so great.

Quick Ninja Outreach Review, Features, & Tutorial

Full Ninja Outreach Review, Features, & Tutorial

Review Tutorial Index:



1) What is Ninja Outreach?

Ninja Outreach reduces everything that you would do in the management of any backlink building or outreach campaign for PR, SEO, and business growth over email. At it’s core Ninja Outreach is a CRM where you can manage all of your outreach efforts from a central space. The best part about it is the included Ninja Outreach chrome extension which makes it easy to prospect and manage your outreach list on the fly as you're scouring the web for prospects and leads.

Basic overview Vid from company

Walkthrough from Owner


2) Who is it designed for?

Ninja Outreach is optimal for single PR specialists, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, or SEO’s that are trying to build out their business. The greatest asset of Ninja Outreach is that it’s lightweight, easy to start using, and reduces any headaches from running a large scale outreach effort. It can work well within teams, but I feel as though things can become a bit of headache when you’re dealing with multiple product launches or a massive team of multiple marketers. Though the system can handle that, it’s lightweight nature begins to become a liability as bookkeeping and communication itself will be a headache if not done well.


3) What can you use Ninja Outreach For?:

There are five core feature sets of Ninja Outreach. Combined they make it easy for marketers to manage outreach campaigns:

So what does the above let you do...well there’s quite a bit:

Ninja Outreach can be used along a large set of use cases, but the majority of them are centered around email driven communication.


4) Design of Ninja Outreach

  1. Main Dashboard

When you first login you’ll see the overall view of your email outreach. This dashboard view gives you great top level details of all your campaigns with stats on reply rate and unread messages.

  1. Email outreach overview view

You can update the actual specifics of a relationship in this overview mode and in the Ninja Outreach chrome extension. But this view basically gives you individual details on all the users you have in a specific campaign.

The overall view makes it easy to update the contacts, in CRM style.

Track templates, and view their success, items also come pre-populated.

One of the best feature sets of Ninja Outreach is they make it easy to create and live test emails directly with your intended audience. While you can customize emails easily in with their chrome extension it’s also nice to have a fallback. Of course over time you can refine and select the best email templates for your outreach campaigns.

You can quickly add in your own or modify existing templates as you get feedback

Similar to many other CRMs and email management platforms Ninja Outreach includes handy formatting, and easy metric attachment to your emails.

Content Prospector

Part of Ninja Outreach’s value add is they help you prospect content directly from their own platform. While I’m generally most skeptical of this feature since I think Google  is a better place to prospect (where do the link metrics from indexed blogs really matter at the end of the day) than social networks. It’s still always good and helpful to put your best foot forward with bloggers. You can also take these influencers and see who follows them or links to them on their blogs.

Similar to other parts of the system, the interface makes it easy to quickly add people to your outreach list.

Quickly add people to your list

Generally I find this info to be most useful for scouting and actually understanding a target audience than building a targeting and outreach campaign.

Filter content results by multiple dimensions

The best feature set add on within the system is the fact that you can filter by highly specific criteria. While this is useful for finding certain types of outreach prospects, it also starts to show the overall limits of the system since even moderately deep topic areas start to get thin results.

Prospect for social influencers using Twitter and Instagram

Similar to the content prospector the social influencer search lets you find popular influencers in the Twitter and Instagram sphere.

Again you can easily find, inspect, and add users to your outreach list. Of course the information isn’t always perfect but integrating all of this information directly into an outreach CRM is useful.

Filter searches between occupation, search by country, and quickly toggle between instagram and twitter.

In depth contact management. All of this information would be nothing without an efficient way to organize it. Similar to any other CRM Ninja Outreach lets you put in all the crucial outreach information you might need.

Ninja Outreach Chrome Extension

The Ninja Outreach Chome extension is by far the best part of the overall package. Their applet highlights a variety of information while you’re prospecting and just generally marketing on the fly. From here you can examine a variety of useful metrics on your prospects, reach out directly, and organize all of your central contact info for back at the mothership.

Quickly add people to your contact list as you search for influencers from Google or social as you go through your day or prospect.

Easily check out top level metrics on their site.

Get demographic data (of limited value in my opinion but potentially accurate for larger sites)

The interface is straightforward and makes it easy to email prospects from within the system.

View RSS of most recent posts as well as which ones have the most comments

This feature is useful for quickly understanding what a site is about, and which posts are most popular. This lets you know what info they’re most interested in, and whether they have real traction.


5) The Pros of Ninja Outreach


6) The Cons of Ninja Outreach


7) Do I think Ninja Outreach is worth getting? (Disclaimer, I do have and use a copy)

I know I’ve stressed this point frequently but for the one-marketer band this really is the end all be all. It’s easy for any entrepreneur or business owner to get in here, start  reaching out, and getting things happening.  

8) Similar Programs

There are a few other systems like this out there, notably PitchBox and BuzzStream. Both of those traditionally have been a bit more expensive and/or aimed at larger teams, and thus tend to have a slightly steeper learning curve.


9) Essential Uses & Best Tutorials on the Web

While our overview should be able to get you started on your way with Ninja Outreach, I do love that this company is just so committed to helping people out, below are some of their training videos:

How To Promote Your Content With Ninja Outreach

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