Effective Email Campaigns: 10 Tools for Driving Sales

With all those marketing features provided by Facebook and other social media platforms, who needs email marketing nowadays? An email marketing campaign is much more complex to develop and it has a narrower reach. Does this mean that you should simply stop paying attention to it? Absolutely not! Email gives you the unique ability to leverage your existing audience without having to pay other gatekeepers such as social media platforms or search engines like Google. The value of direct access to Email gives you the unique ability to leverage your existing audience without having to pay other gatekeepers such as social media platforms or search engines like Google. The value of direct access to your customers cannot be underrated.

Email marketing still works, especially for small-business owners and marketers. Let’s go through few facts to prove that:

When someone subscribes to your email marketing campaign, they do it because they want to stay informed. Through email marketing, you get a great opportunity to inform your prospects about all new products and services you are developing as well as seasonal discounts and special offers.

Email marketing is affordable. You’ll have to invest in the content and design. From there on, all you have to do is pick a management tool for your campaign, and start sending out those messages. Best yet many tools allow for automated drip campaigns you can set up to trigger when new customers buy, during holidays, seasonal specials, and whenever someone subscribes to your email. Meaning you can set it, and forget it.

Speaking of tools, which ones should you use? Below are ten tools that can be tremendously helpful in catapulting your sales goal with minimal effort after an initial investment of time on your part.

1. Active Campaign

Active Campaign is more than a simple automation tool. You’re not just creating, scheduling, and sending emails through it. You can also analyze the behavior of your customers and nurture the relationships. You get great templates for your messages, as well as mobile-friendly sign-up forms. Finally, the tool also helps you to convert and retain more of your email subscribers.

In other words, you get your email marketing and a customer relationship management tools in one.

The prices start from $17 per month for the Lite package, and they go up to $229 per month for the Enterprise plan.

2. Yesware

“Want to know what happens after you click send?”

Of course you want to know what happens! Will the recipients open the messages? Will they read the content? Will they click the links? Will they take the action you’re trying to trigger?

Yesware is the tool that gives you the answers. It gives you in-depth data that helps you make better decisions, so you’ll be improving the effectiveness of your marketing campaign one email at a time. This is also an email automation tool, which is specifically designed for the needs of salespeople. It integrates with the most popular CRM systems, so you’ll get full functionality for a very affordable price.

It costs $12, $25 or $55 per month, depending on the plan you choose.

3. Interakt

When your potential customer receives your email, it’s only the first step of their decision-making journey. What happens next? Interakt helps you discover how many clicks your messages got and how they converted into user engagement.

The main point of this tool is integration. It brings multiple communication and interaction channels together, so you don’t have to integrate multiple services. It makes your email marketing campaign essentially simpler to maintain.

It gives you a live chat feature for your website, so you’ll capture the interest of your visitors and turn them into paying customers. You’ll also use it to send out offers and notifications, as well as personalized messages via email.

Interakt is free for personal use, but you can also get a more advanced package for $41, $83 or $166 per month.

4. MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the most beloved marketing automation platforms. It works for everyone; including both small business owners and big retailers. The point of using this tool is finding your audience, engaging the customers, and building your brand’s image.

The interface is really easy to use, and the platform offers great support. It’s easy to integrate it with Magento, Shopify, WordPress, and other platforms since it’s largely independent of them. With the tool, you get an effective email creator, autoresponder feature, tracking and analytics features, and other functionalities you really need.

The smallest package is free, and it’s probably enough for a startup. The Growing Business package costs $10 per month, and Pro Marketer costs $199 per month.

5. Campaigner

“Email into revenue” is the motto of this tool. That practically defines the goal of your email marketing campaign.

Campaigner allows you to integrate all your business accounts on social media with its marketing system. You can use the mobile app to keep track on your campaign on the go. The features are practically endless: autoresponders, reporting, segmentation, purchase behavior, A/B split testing, engagement scoring, workflows, real-time ads, dynamic RSS feeds, localization, geolocation, exclusion lists, suppression lists, campaigner API, dedicated delivery, user management, social integration, social sharing, and more. Plus, you get 900+ email templates, and they are pretty awesome.

The tool costs from $19.95 to $49.95 per month, depending on the chosen package.

6. MailUp

When you’re running a serious email marketing campaign with thousands of recipients on a daily basis, you need a serious tool that can handle the workload. MailUp would be the right choice for such complex needs.

It will send scheduled emails, but it will also determine the frequency of messages sent to the recipients. You get a safe and stable system that will certainly help you achieve the goals of your email marketing campaign. MailUp offers great consulting and ongoing support, so you’ll learn few marketing techniques along the way.

The Web and Pro packages cost $52 and $104 per month, respectively. If you want a customized enterprise approach, you can talk to the team and they will offer a solution for achieving top performance levels.

7. Evernote

You might be wondering what Evernote is doing in this list. Well, you need it to collect all ideas regarding your email marketing campaign. If you’re the one writing the content, you can use the tool to plan the messages. If you’re just suggesting topics and offers, you can use it to collect all your notes and ideas, and share them with your writers and campaign managers.

Evernote won’t allow you to forget any of your brilliant ideas.

You can use it for free, but there are also Plus, Premium, and Business packages for advanced needs.

8. Essays.ScholarAdvisor

Email marketing automation tools are certainly necessary. However, they won’t write your content. You can use a template, but what about the content? It’s the main aspect that attracts the recipient, so it has to be absolutely great.

If you’re not a great writer, you must invest in this element of the campaign. Fortunately, you can get an affordable price for high-quality content from this service. You’ll be working from professional writers who understand exactly what your email marketing campaign needs.

You will get absolutely unique content for prices that range from $16.99 to $43.99 per page, depending on the requested quality level and the deadline of your order.

9. Constant Contact

This is one of the best email editors you can count on. It enables you to choose from a great range of templates, which are mobile-optimized. You can customize that template with your logo, colors, and images, so the messages will get that unique brand vibe you want to spread.

Constant Contact - the name itself indicates the main value of this tool. It’s perfect for managing your email lists and contacts. You’ll get access to simple tracking and reporting features, an image library, and built-in social media sharing tools.

The pricing starts from $5 per month. The most advanced plan (Email Plus) starts from $45 per month.

10. Vertical Response

With Vertical Response, you can create, send and track email messages and social posts. This means that you’re combining the email and social media marketing campaign into one. Pretty cool, huh?

The tool gives you advanced features, such as a user-friendly editor, autoresponder, automated follow-up emails, landing page creator, A/B testing, advanced reporting, and more. You can also use it to send surveys, so you’ll get all data you need to improve your business.

There’s a free version of the tool, as well as paid plans that range from $11 to $196 per month.

Email marketing is affordable, and it’s not that hard to develop a campaign. The right tools will help you make it more effective. Did you choose your favorite ones?


Laura Buckler is a contributor and a marketing manager. She knows how to turn her dreams and visions into concrete, organized reality, making the best use of the resources she is given. She does the same as a freelance writer. You can follow her on Twitter.

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